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Fly-fishing Husband

fisherman 5.jpg
fisherman 6.jpg

       “Fly-fishing Husband”, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, 18” x 14”. A custom designed panel for a lovely lady. The first picture is the panel with no back lighting. The second picture is the panel back lit as if installed in a window.

2018-11-09 07.37.27.jpg
2018-11-09 07.37.27 pattern.5.jpg
fisherman 2.jpg
fisherman 3.jpg

       The above photos are an example of the process in creating an original piece. Picture one I received from the client to transform into a pattern for stained glass. The second photo is the picture transformed in to a pattern design. The third is the pattern cut into glass. The fourth picture is the foiling process of this piece.

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